Who spun it is a great example of free sims that came to revolutionize the market of online casino games. The Jackpot is happy to be able to provide players from all over the world the opportunity to play this wonderful game, that is bound to impress due to its great originality. In fact you will not just spin the reels, you will be able to investigate a murder by being a casino lover and a detective at the same time. That is why free sims is well known online as one of the most interesting casino game. As soon as you begin playing you will be able to collect clue spins, countdown to detective mode, match 5 clues to level up, collect all 3 evidence clues, solve the murder while you can win cash and, to top it all off, you will also be able to win up to 320500 credits!

Through standard game play you will be able to collect clues to solve the murder and get even more chances to win cash. This is a double game – slots plus mystery detective. You do not come across this type of game on a daily basis, and that is exactly why free sims are this famous on the world of slots online.

Why The Jackpot is the wisest decision?

It is important to choose an older casino that has been active in the market for some time and on which to find positive opinions. If a casino has an image to defend, it will, in principle, be more credible. It is also very important to evaluate the casino software. This should be safe and intuitive too. Well, why bother looking elsewhere if The Jackpot has a real and profitable free sims download for you to take advantage of? The benefits offered by us are unique and add value to your every play. Regarding the bonuses and promotions offered we simply what the best out there. The free sims also comes with a wonderful diversity of games, which means The Jackpot presents a high and diversified amount of games because in this way it will reach a wider audience and please all sorts of players. Why waste any more time looking for the coolest online casino games if you have the best right in front of you right now?

Get the best out of our jackpot slots

We are also a reliable and trustworthy source of fun. Most casinos offer customer support in multiple languages, while the more dubious casinos sometimes do not even feature this service. Why worry about dealing with bad casinos when you have The Jackpot, the very best when it comes to top games and awesome free sims. We value and praise the importance of a good reputation for the casino, that is why we only offer you the best and safest games and software. We are also there 24/7 to help you with whatever you need from us.


A reputable casino is a casino that is recommended by several people and on which positive reviews are found in a quick search on the internet. When you type The Jackpot, you will see that it's free sims are reliable, fun and an easy way for you to make cash. Our las vegas free slots are really for you !

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